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Magnetic testing rod

Magnetic testing rod

The MTT magnetic testing rod represents a separate sub-group in the category of magnetic rods. The magnetic testing rod does not serve to Fe impurity separation but it is an outstanding aid to check / test whether the material under testing contains metal – magnetic impurities.

More detailed information

The test is performed in a manner that the rod is immersed into the inspected material (as you choose, the material may be either dry or liquid), and, with rotational movement, it is tested whether the material contains magnetic impurities that are caught in the lower – functional rod half.


Magnetic rods – main benefits:

  • Sufficient magnetic output for magnetic impurity testing
  • They are possible to be used with all materials, both dry mixtures and liquid matter
Magnetic core of the magnetic testing rod is equipped with strong NdFeB neodymium magnets. Inside of the pipe, the magnetic core is movable, from the lower half to the upper one and back. To make the core movement, pull bar ended with a handrail is used. In case the magnetic core is situated in the lower rod half, the rod becomes magnetically active and impurities are caught on the rod surface, in its lower, functional half.
In case the magnetic core is pulled up to the upper rod half, the lower rod half is without the magnetic action. Magnetic impurities that were caught on the rod previously, fall out spontaneously. Separation collar located in the rod half serves to prevent getting of magnetic impurities from the lower to the upper half.

Therefore, testing rod cleaning principle is that you pull the plastic handrail and the magnetic impurities fall out of the rod surface in the lower half.

As a standard, MAGSY offers two testing magnetic rod types.  

In both types, the functional magnetic length is 140 mm.

  • MTR Ø 20 mm; magnetic induction is ca 5500 G.
  • MTR Ø 30 mm, magnetic induction is ca 6500 G

(magnetic parameters = as measured on the magnetic core surface)

MTT magnetic testing rods – general technical specification

Magnetic equipment

  • Very strong NdFeB magnets,
  • Ring magnet outer Ø= 19 mm or 29 mm,
  • Rod outer Ø= 20 mm or 30 mm
  • Magnetic material temperature resistance: up to 80 ˚C as a standard

Magnetic output

  • Rod Ø 20 mm = 5500 G, Rod Ø 30 mm = 6500 G. Measured on the magnetic core surface.

The system

  • Magnetic core closed in the rod. The core is movable, upwards and downwards.

Rod design

  • Closed rod, pipe wall is machined to the thickness of 0.6 mm at max.

Rod material

  • As a standard, stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304

Handrail material

  • Hard plastic material

Surface treatment

  • Outer rod surface is treated with polishing.

Engineering workmanship

All engineering workmanship and machining operations are performed in our production plant, using own MAGSY engineering technology and own machines belonging to a modern MAGSY CZ machine park.