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Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS

Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS

Cistern-type flow magnetic separator of the line MF CIS serves to catching of ferromagnetic impurities from dry powder materials in the food, chemical and raw material industries, transported by cistern trucks and dump silos where loose material mixture unloading is performed using pressurized air. It serves to the final product protection in expedition and supplying.

More detailed information

The top quality magnetic output together with the perfect design and cleaning system fulfill needs of the most demanding customers in various industrial spheres where high requirements are pronounced regarding the final product cleanliness.


Cistern-type separator MF CIS benefits

  • Very easy manipulation and cleaning, flexibility.
  • Possibility of installing also in the fixed way, to the material incoming position point.
  • High tear-off force and magnetic induction values.
  • Ready for commonly used pipeline systems – 80 mm (G 3“) and 100 mm (G 4“).
  • It meets the norms applicable in the food industry, e.g. EN 1935/2004.
  • It is made of the stainless steel 1.4301.
  • The accessories: conical or flat removable sieve + protective box.
  • Resistance, durability, assembling readiness.
  • Magnetic parameter certificate – as measured by a trained personnel using calibrated devices. Regular inspection and controlling measurements performed by MAGSY service department directly at you.
  • The product is classified in the fast supply system.

Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS

Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS

Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS

Cistern-type magnetic separator MF CIS

Size models

As a standard, MF CIS is manufactured using the threaded screwing G3“ and G4“ – 80 and 100 mm.

MF CIS separator function

Loose material passes through a perfect labyrinth consisting of 4 magnetic pipes with the diameter of 30 mm equipped with NdFeB magnets. From the capacity point of view, separator body is designed in the manner that no pressure losses take place on unloading so the unloading time is not extended. The device is designed for the pressures of 2 bar at maximum, for materials with good bulk parameters and with not abrasive characteristics.

MF CIS separator design

The separator consists of two fully removable parts – separator body and magnetic component. Using the bayonet closure, remove the component with magnetic pipes from the magnetic separator body and, using the handrail, pull neodymium magnetic cores to the upper position. This way the covering pipes made of stainless steel become de-magnetized and metals attached fall off.

Separator safety and quality information

We care about the high quality of our magnetic separators

MF CIS cleaning procedure

To protect the magnetic cores against damaging during the cleaning operation, safety box is used that protects the separator during its transport in the cistern storage area too. As another accessory, we offer conical or flat sieve including an intermediate piece that can be – if needed – installed to the MF CIS.

The separator is made of the stainless steel 1.4301, and as its surface treatment, sanding was used. Magnetic core covering pipes are manufactured using polished stainless steel 1.4301. By request, we manufacture the cistern separator also in the full-polished design.

The total device weight of 12 kg enables a trouble-free operation by a single person only.


General technical specification   

Magnetic equipment

  • Very strong NdFeB magnets located in the covering stainless steel polished pipes

Magnetic material temperature resistance

  • As a standard, up to 80 °C

Magnetic output

Separator material

  • As a standard: stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304
  • As an option: stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316 L (for acidic pH environments)

Pressure resistance

  • As a standard: 2 bar
  • Depending on requirements, versions suitable for higher pressures can be prepared

Surface treatment

  • Separator outer surfaces and body: machine blasting using a ceramics mixture
  • Covering pipe outer surface: polishing

Connection elements

  • As a standard, threaded pipe 80 or 100 mm
  • According to requirements, additional equipping with fast-attaching fire brigade clips is possible

Sealing material

  • As a standard: a sealing meeting food industry requirements
  • As an option: blue detectable sealing suitable for the food industry, or per requirements

Optional functional accessories

  • Resistant safety box MF CIS – it protects the magnetic cores during the cleaning operation, and the separator during transport (it is equipped with a brush and cloth – conforming to food industry requirements, and with 2 reserve butterfly nuts)
  • Conical sieve (5 mm) or flat sieve (15×15 mm) including an intermediate piece (element)

Resistant safety box

Resistant safety box

Conical sieve (5 mm)

Conical sieve (5 mm) including an intermediate piece (element)

Engineering workmanship

All engineering workmanship operations are carried out on machines belonging to the company production facility, using own MAGSY CZ engineering technologies.

Component welds

They are performed according to requirements of valid technological norms dealing with stainless steel material welding. Demanding outgoing weld quality control guarantees a high processing quality.


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