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Flow-type magnetic separator MF - Classic

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – Classic

MF – Classic magnetic separator is the main, initial type of a manually cleaned, flow-type separator used in liquid mixtures.

More detailed information

Size models and the separator design

In the company MAGSY, MF-Classic is manufactured as a standard for connecting into round pipelines, in the following sizes:

  • DN: 50; 65; 80; 100; 150; 200; 250 mm
The separator is connected to a pipeline using standard connecting elements, flanges.

Based on the magnetic separation task, i.e. either technological protection or medium product protection, an d also according to the task operational conditions, the separator may be equipped with various magnetic core compositions from the magnetic output viewpoint, namely on all six levels standardized.

This means that either the magnetic induction value is prioritized, or there is preferred the tear-off force value. According to these criteria, core composition on the levels I. to VI is chosen.

MF-Classic magnetic cores are vertically movable in the component. This system enables a possibility of a comfortable and good system of pipe cleaning from Fe impurities.

At the same time, the system ensures magnetic core protection against the erosive action in liquid environments.


MF – Classic separator main benefits

  • Reliable separation – the labyrinth proven in the practice.
  • High separation level – strong NdFeB magnets are used, magnetic force loss is reduced due to a precise covering pipe machining to the minimum wall thickness.
  • Adjustable level of core magnetic equipment -I to VI levels  – this means a right solution for the separation task, as a function of operational conditions and the task aim
  • High engineering workmanship level – the best, certified materials, high engineering workmanship precision, resistance, durability, assembling preparedness
  • User-friendly cleaning system – the system of movable cores, magnetic core protection against damaging in liquids.

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – Classic

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – Classic

Flow-type magnetic separator MF – Classic

Magnetic core system in the pipes

  • Covering pipes: outer Ø 31 mm or Ø 21 mm
  •  Closed cores in the pipes, the cores are vertically movable in the component

Flow labyrinth

  • The quantity of magnetic cores in the separator body is given by the MF-Classic size model. Requirements of an efficient separation and fluent medium flow provision are respected.

Separator material

  • As a standard: stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304.
  • As an option: stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L or, possibly, 1.4571 / AISI 316Ti (in acidic pH environments)

Body and component sealing material

  • As a standard: silicone sealing in a quality corresponding to the separation task and operational conditions
  • As an option:  EPDM food industry sealing conforming to the food industry requirements

All materials are certified in the quality corresponding to respective EU norms.

Surface treatments

  • Outer body surfaces and the separator components: machine-blasted using a fine ceramics mixture
  • Covering pipe outer surface: polished
  • Inner body surfaces are technologically cleaned and not machine-modified

Connecting elements

  • As a standard: fixed flange corresponding to an appropriate pipeline diameter DN/PN
  • As an option: free flange, or screwing according to an appropriate DN/PN diameter

Counter-flanges are parts of the product. Other connecting elements are possible as an option – they are considered as non-standard equipment.

Engineering workmanship

  • All engineering workmanship operations are carried out using machines belonging to own MAGSY CZ manufacturing equipment, using own MAGSY CZ engineering technology.

Component welds

They are performed according to requirements of technological standards valid in stainless steel material welding. Demanding outgoing weld quality inspection guarantees a high outgoing product quality.


Ask us – we will advise you!

Made-to-measure production is our strength.

MAGSY is competent in designing proper separator type and model including its magnetic output and labyrinth corresponding to a given separation task. The knowledge of the operational conditions, medium and Fe impurity parameters is needed for that.

Cleaning preparation used with MF – Classic and MF – UP

MAGSY, as a manufacturer of separators, is strongly focused on simplifying of the cleaning techniques of own separators, improving thus the cleaning comfort.

In order to simplify own manual separator cleaning, MAGSY manufactures the cleaning preparations being offered as an additional, facultative separator equipment.

Cleaning preparation used with the MF-classic and MF-UP serves to simplify the cleaning process, to increase the cleaning comfort and, last but not least, to improve the working safety on the separator magnetic component handling.

The material:  stainless steel 1.4301

Working procedure using the cleaning preparation

  1. The component is dismantled from the separator body, and it is relocated to the cleaning preparation seat. Telescopic mechanism pull bar remains inserted in the lower position, i.e. the cores are in the lower pipe position. Fe impurities are still held on the pipe surface using the magnetism. Not pulled = the cores remain in the lower pipe position.
  2. Mechanism pull bar is pulled up to the upper position. This way, also the magnetic cores are relocated to the upper pipe space in the component. This leads to the magnetic field relocation to the upper component space, and the pipes in the separation area become demagnetized.
  3. Due to that, the magnetic field that previously held separated Fe impurities on pipes, is interrupted. Then the impurities fall out spontaneously to the garbage cup.
  4. Fe impurity residuals, still occurring on the pipes (due to just a weak para-magnetism), are cleaned easily using a brush.

Cleaning preparation utilization area

  • Increase the cleaning comfort
  • Working safety improvement, it helps keep the workplace clean and tidy
  • Magnetic core durability increase

MAGSY recommends using of cleaning preparations in separator cleaning