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Magnetic door MDV

MDV magnetic door is a manually cleaned dry-mixture separator suitable for applications where huge material quantities need to be separated. It is also suitable for a separation from abrasive products.

More detailed information

Size models and the separator design

MD is manufactured in a way that it may be installed into pipelines with an inclination. It may also be installed behind the returning drum of the conveyor, in a way that separated material falls to the door where metal impurities remain caught.

MDV standardly manufactured models and sizes:

  • At present we do not have any compact product series – separators are always manufactured according to customer requirements that also applies to larger sizes (500×500 mm, 800×500 mm)

MDV separator main benefits:

  • Separation from hardly permeable materials tending to arching
  • Separation from abrasive materials
  • The separator is equipped with very strong neodymium magnets
  • It may also be installed on places where – due to high quantities of the separated material – it is not possible to use MSP type separators
  • It enables a separation of even bigger ferromagnetic impurities (screws, nails, …)
  • Attention is paid to an extraordinary working safety – magnets are firmly connected to the separator body
  • Magnets are covered by a stainless steel sheet metal – the magnets are not in a direct contact with the separated material
  • The door is equipped with a „nose“ protecting the metal particles caught against getting back to the separated material
  • High engineering workmanship quality – only the best materials are used, there is a high engineering precision, resistance, durability and assembling readiness
  • User friendly cleaning system – see below in the separate section
Magnetic door MD
Magnetic door MD
Magnetic door MD
Magnetic door MD

MDV general technical specification

Magnetic equipment

  • Very strong NdFeB magnets (due to their big weight, ferrite magnets are not used)

Magnetic material temperature resistance

  • As a standard: up to 80 ˚C
  • As an option: up to 150 ˚C

Magnetic output

  • neodymium NdFeB magnets: 6000 – 7000 G

Separator cleaning

  • Separator cleaning is performed when the material flow is stopped
  • This separator is equipped with a linear guidance designed in a way that, in spite of the fact of large magnetic door dimensions, an easy and safe pulling out is enabled. After the door is pulled out, in the next step, the magnets are pulled out of the covering stainless steel case. This way, the magnetic door becomes de-magnetized so all metals caught fall off. Manual cleaning of the metal impurities is thus eliminated and operator hand injuries by e.g. finger catching between the magnetic door and metal impurity, is prevented.
Magnetic door MDV – cleaning
Magnetic door MDV – cleaning
Magnetic door MDV – cleaning


  • As a standard: stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304.
  • As an option:  stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L (for acidic pH environments)

Surface treatment

  • Machine blasting

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